The H175 delivers on all counts with its long range, smooth ride, excellent payload lift and outstanding cabin comfort.


Passengers transported in the H175 for crew change missions experience the longest air-conditioned cabin and the most space and window surface per passenger of all helicopters in this class. A maximum of four passengers can be seated per row. Vibration and sound levels are very low, even at high cruise speeds.


Powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada’s latest PT6 engine – the PT6C67E – the H175 benefits from strong performance and large power reserves, which support efficiency and safety during take-off and landing, rig approach, hovering and hoisting.


Contributing to its competitive edge is the recommended cruise speed of 150 kts and the fast cruise speed of 160 kts; hover out of ground effect (HOGE) with a maximum 7.5-metric-ton take-off weight at 5,800 ft. in ISA+20°C conditions; and extensive power reserve and heli-deck performance (PC1) at maximum take-off weight in ISA+20°C conditions.


The H175 already is a record-setter, establishing a time-to-climb record of 6,000 meters in 6 min., 54 s.; and a time-to-climb record of 3,000 meters in 3 min. 10 s.


A member of the well-known Super Puma/Cougar rotorcraft family, the H215 is a heavy-weight, twin-engine helicopter with outstanding performance, known for its high availability rate and competitive operating costs. It consists of two versions, one tailored for multi-role operations (formerly designated AS332 L1e) and the other for aerial work/utility duties (formerly designated AS332 C1e).


With the first scheduled to roll off its Romanian final assembly line in 2017, all H215 helicopters will be built in a highly-capable standard configuration – able to support an extensive list of “optionals.” This new concept allows the rotorcraft to best meet customers’ expectations and serve a wide range of missions.


Equipped with two powerful Turbomeca Makila 2A turbine engines, a sturdy five-blade main rotor and Spheriflex rotor head, the H225 offers long range and fast cruise speeds, along with flight endurance that exceeds 5 h. and 30 min.


Airbus Helicopters’ Super Puma family – in which the H225 is the latest member – has accumulated more than 5.25 million flight hours during operations around the world and in all weather conditions, including highly challenging maritime environments.

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