The Tiger HAD is Airbus Helicopter's multi-role attack helicopter. It is designed to perform armed reconnaissance, air or ground escort, air-to-air combat, ground firing support, destruction and anti-tank warfare, day or night and in adverse conditions.


The Tiger attack helicopter has proven its capabilities during operational deployments in Afghanistan, the Central African Republic, Somalia, Libya and Mali. The enhanced Tiger HAD variant provides air-to-ground missile capability, improved target acquisition and ballistic protection, 14 percent more power, an evolved electronic warfare suite, and the latest interrogation systems.


The NH90 – developed by Europe’s NHIndustries partnership (Airbus Helicopters, Agusta Westland, and Fokker) – was designed to meet NATO’s requirement for a modern medium-sized multi-role military helicopter for both land and maritime operations.


The common core vehicle for the tactical troop transport (TTH) and the NATO Frigate Helicopter (NFH) versions is a twin-engine aircraft incorporating innovative features such as a full glass cockpit and fly-by-wire control system with four-axis autopilot and advanced mission flight aids, along with on-board monitoring and diagnostics systems.


Benefitting from a modern approach to materials, the NH90’s composite fuselage has fewer parts and a lower structural weight, resulting in an endurance increase of 30% compared to a metallic fuselage, plus increased resistance to battle damage, among other benefits. The composite rotor blades have greater fatigue strength, damage tolerance and component lifetimes, as well as improved aerodynamic performance.


As a true multi-role platform, the H225M enables military forces to deploy wherever and whenever needed. Operating both from ships and from land, even in icing conditions, this helicopter has an all-weather capability supported by state-of-the-art night vision goggle compatibility.


The helicopter’s outstanding 700 nautical mile range is extended with air-to-air refueling, which can be performed while in forward flight and during hover. 


Powered by two latest-generation engines, the H225M’s five-blade rotor provides an exceptionally low vibration level, and the modular design of rotor mechanical assemblies allows for easier maintenance


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