PRIVILEGE P430 | ~ € 279.000.000


Vente de Yachts en construction | 127 m / 416.67 ft



Central Foyer : Upon boarding the grand, 127-metre Privilege One, guests are greeted by the magnificent central stairway which links the main foyer with the Vision and Luxury decks above and the Beach deck below. Guest Suites : Designed in period times, each of the twelve guest suites onboard features a bedroom, two bathrooms, two dressing rooms, a studio, sauna, Turkish bath, living room, tea corner and large Jacuzzi with open private balcony. Dining and Lounging : Privilege One features three large swimming pools; the main pool and exterior lounge area is pictured here. The exterior dining room, one of six onboard, is situated on a gyroscopic stabiliser to ensure dining comfort in all conditions. Living Areas : Throughout her ten decks, Privilege One features living areas that are both expansive and cosy. Each suite features its own lounging area, while the guest social areas are designed to facilitate quiet conversation while maximising the panoramic views. Library : One of five living rooms onboard, the library is a grand space for reflection and relaxation. Also situated on a gyroscopic platform, this space is designed for the utmost in comfort. Entertainment and Relaxation Areas : A beach club, wellness club, disco, cinema and auditorium provide plenty of space for relaxation, fun and entertainment. Many areas throughout, including the billiards room, wine cellar and mini golf garden, are equipped with gyroscopic stabilisation platforms.

Helicopter Capabilites : Privilege One is equipped with a topmost helideck, serviced by a flight deck and roof deck below and designed to facilitate private owner access. A second helipad and heli garage is situated forward on the bow. Both feature direct, private and secure access to the owner’s apartment.